Leagues & Tournaments

Join Our Exciting Leagues and Tournaments

Kootenay Indoor Golf offers a variety of leagues and tournaments designed for golfers of all skill levels. Engage in friendly competition, improve your game, and connect with fellow golf enthusiasts through our structured events. Learn more about our leagues and tournaments and find the perfect fit for you.

Winter Leagues

Our winter leagues provide an excellent opportunity to stay active and engaged with the sport during the off-season. These leagues run for 10 weeks and are open to golfers of all skill levels.

  • Format: The leagues follow a structured format with weekly matches, culminating in a round-robin final to determine the overall winner.
  • Social Aspect: Enjoy a fun and social environment while competing with friends and fellow golfers.
  • How to Join: Interested in joining a league? Sign up for our winter leagues here.


Kootenay Indoor Golf hosts various tournaments throughout the year, offering a chance to compete for prizes and bragging rights.

  • Types of Tournaments: We offer different formats, including individual stroke play, team events, and special themed tournaments.
  • Prizes and Recognition: Compete for exciting prizes and have your name featured on our tournament leaderboards.
  • Upcoming Tournaments: Stay updated on our upcoming events and register to participate. Check out our upcoming tournaments.